18, 22, 27 Tonne Chaser Bins

Badengi Chaser Bins18 Tonne Chaser Bins

We think the 18 tonne chaser bin is one of the best manufactured bins available. Our unique 5mm floor gusset design will change the way all chaser bins are made in the future. The design allows for added strength at no cost to weight. This means less compaction, less horse power required, and less running costs. What the 18 Tonne Chaser Bin will give you is better value. The 16 inch discharge and 14 inch floor augers unload smoothly and efficiently. The shape of the bin gives header drivers a full view of the target, so no more spilled grain in hidden corners. 3 metre wheel centres are standard.

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22 Tonne Chaser Bins

Built on the same basis as the 18 tonne Chaser Bin, the 22 tonne chaser bin is ideal for running with 2 of today’s large capacity headers. Simple operation and smooth grain flow keeps your operator and precious crop looked after during long and demanding harvest hours. Just like its little brother, the 22 Tonne is built strong to last and will just keep on going and going.

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27 Tonne Chaser Bins

The 27 tonne chaser bin will really impress in any harvest. The 19 inch discharge auger, powered by a mammoth 190Hp angle drive gearbox will unload at around 12.5 tonne / minute at just better than an idle. The 27 Tonne Chaser Bin is also built on the back of our new floor gussets for superior strength and durability. The big feature of the 27 Tonne Chaser Bin is the rear steering. Scrubbing tyres, bent walking beams, worn bearings and bushes are now in the past. The steering allows the bin to follow the tractor with less horse power requirements on 3 metre centres and also means flotation in wet paddocks is significantly better. The early reports on the performance of this bin are beyond our expectations.

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