60, 80 & 110 Tonne Field Bins

 Super single Ag rims and tyres
 14 inch hydraulic fold, front side discharge auger
 Rear access door
Full Hydraulic Single Lid
 Roll over UV tarps
 Full length sliding trap and out of season stowage

60 Tonne Field Bins

As with all our field bins, the 14 inch discharge auger runs smoothly delivering plenty of grain per minute. The reliability of these bins under tough wet conditions has given our clients hassle free unloading when they really need it. We have seen these bins keep going when others have blocked and have had to be cleaned out, loosing precious time and grain. The Badengi 60 tonne field bins are just that, 60 tonne. Many of our growers complain that other manufacturer’s bins are always short of the mark in tonnage. Not so with a Badengi field bin, you get what you pay for.

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80 Tonne Field Bins

Our 80 tonne field bins are strong and reliable. Starting with the tri- steer super singles right through to the hydraulic lids or roll over tarps, every part of this bin is simple to operate and will give years of hassle free service. All components of these bins are off the shelf, so maintenance is made simple. Fully blasted and finished in high quality 2 Pac paint, our gold coloured bins are easy to see in large paddocks making it easy for grain carriers to locate.

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110 Tonne Field Bins

When you need big mobile storage during harvest, it’s hard to go past a Badengi 110 Tonne Field Bin.  These bins are the best value on the market.  Quality construction and design, coupled with first grade componentry will ensure your harvest runs smoothly.  The simplicity of their operation means there are no complicated procedures for drivers filling trucks – all direct PTO drive, no hydraulic motors or belts.  The huge single hydraulic door also allows for fast and easy protection of your grain in any conditions.  You need to inspect these bins to appreciate just how good they are.

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