Waterjet Machining

Maxiem Waterjets_waterjet machining

From the very beginning, Badengi has been keen to maintain high accuracy with the use of CAD software. This gives us the luxury of incorporating our design drawings into CNC lathes and water jet machining or “water cutting”.

We are now proud to offer our own water jet machining service with the installation of an Omax Maxiem 2040. The 2040 is the largest maching table that Omax carries with its ability to cut mild steel, stainless steel, bisalloy, aluminium, wood, marble, glass, tiles, just about anything.

Clients can supply us a CAD drawing via email or even a simple hand drawn sketch via fax, and in a short amount of time we can have their part cut with less than 1 thousandth of an inch tolerance with no heat distortion. Parts such as pipe flanges, bearing housings, wheel centres, gears or even property signs are done quickly and accurately with no grinding or die-grinding to make things fit.The substantial time and money saved means you will never cut with an oxy again. No component is to small.

All of these parts can be made from material as fine as 0.5mm, up to 100mm (4 inches), and from sheets as large as 2000mm (6.5ft) x 4000mm (13ft).

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